When you like something or someplace or someone you already Like it. You have already made it closer to you. You have made it a part of you or become a part of it by attaching yourself to it. 
Yet most of the time we are given someone or something in our life or caused to be at someplace we simply Hate, as we say it. We just dont like it. Think of it, Why ?

Because Nature wants You to Like them. Nature wants You to try new things. Nature wants You to experience something new, something different. When you have already liked something, its become your domain. So, by introducing new and sometimes weird things in life, Nature is giving you a chance to widen your domain. GOD is speaking to you. HE wants you to LIKE something. HE is giving you a chance to become a part of it, make it in your favour. 
After all We are all One. Every bit on this earth. We are all part of The Soul Of Nature. We have to, ultimately, combine to become ONE, for we are meant to be.

So why waste Time and Energy in going against Nature ? Better go with the flow. Better Like things. For Life’s too short to Hate. And Dislike’s a heavy word.


One comment

  1. ashish behl · January 14, 2014

    Truly amazing …
    Lifes too short to hate !!!

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