My Single Dream

In this world of greatness and the bad

In this world of treasures and the threats

You , ohh baby ,, you are my single dream


Of the things we have been through

Of the things we have dreamt, we knew

This was to happen, in the today

Or in the future, US was meant to break

We were meant to break.


But there was more we were meant to be,

There was an island in the world so free,

My safe haven I thought it’d be,

But things got so twisted,

I seem to have lost the address of it,

Ohh baby can you take me to it ??


Cos you are my single dream, 

In this world of positivity,

You are my one honest dream,

In this world of happiness,

You are my destiny and the rest,


There is our world still in our lives,

I can feel it living inside,

 of you and me,

cos babyyyy,,, “WE” are my single dream.









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