What is Love?

What is Love?

Sometimes it takes a life to get the answer of the above question, sometimes it just takes a moment. A moment of divinity when a pair of eyes is looking at you, or I should rather say in you, in your soul through the window of your eyes. Isn’t it wonderful? Most people ask, how does it feel to be in love? While most of us forget to ask the right question, i.e., what is love?

A feeling? An emotion? A kiss? A hug? A person? Or a fact that you cannot live without some person or simply the choice you make of being happy, that it is only one soul on earth that makes you happy, that makes you You.

Is there even an answer to this question? Will we be ever satisfied with what we have? Is love not the kiss my dad gives me each morning? Is love not the two words my mother says to me every time I leave my home “take care”?

I know processing the idea of love is one of the stupidest thing to do, for, firstly, it is an experience of its own and different for everyone. No love is same. Secondly, is love even worth it? What about the torture every one of us goes through for love? Even when love is as strange to me as the shopkeeper(if any) outside the pyramids of Giza selling guides and stories, because I just don’t know if he exists, similarly, I don’t know if love exists or what is it’s nature? Love hurts. Being in love hurts, being out of love hurts. No matter love exists or not, it hurts. And we do nothing about it, but pray, every single night when we go to bed, that hopefully we will find our soul mate tomorrow and have a happily ever after. Is it all worth it?

Is it worth to skip dinners or lunches? Is it worth to lock yourself in home, not talk to people, and cry your eyes out to Taylor Swift’s Love Story or Coldplay’s The Scientist? Is it worth it at all if I dedicate to someone Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years knowing in my heart that that person may just keep me waiting as long as he lives? Is he worth it?

No one can answer the above questions better than us. We forget that, whatever love is, we can never find it, because love finds us. Wherever we hide, it will come to us. While we go out in search of love we ignore that we already are surrounded by it. In forms like a family, a dog, a reflection in the mirror, a stroke of his hand on your cheeks, a moment taken to admire nature, a moment taken to accept the love you already have. If I am to say that ‘I am in love’ then I would be absolutely wrong, I cannot be in love, because love is in me.



  1. Swapnil · March 22, 2014

    Very nice! The way u approached it!

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