Lost and Cry!

Dark it was that night,

I sat in my room, with a tear in my left eye,

Pain filled my heart,

And sorrow filled my mind,

Yet, that tear found it hard to drop in a line.

I wondered, then, if it’s just water,

Thought, what if, it was my agony liquefied.

Came no answer from my mind,

And my heart too low to simplify.

Turned to my soul, I ask “Is this how I should feel like?”

It said “Yes, exactly, that’s right!”

Shocked at the answer, I dug in my mind,

Memory of something that caused me This time.

Came one memory to my mind,

Of me in a forest of light.

It was a place so bright, I could hardly open my eyes.

Lost I was, and reaching out my hand for help, I cried

“Oh Please, my love take me out of such delight.”

No one came to my rescue,

My Love was lost to time,

Alone I was and alone I stood,

Fighting my battle, and crying my Cry.

A cry! So sad and so dry.

Brought back from memory I wondered why,

Why this Tear? Why this crick?

Will it ever fall? I am getting so sick.

I closed my eyes and I saw him.

Beauty of his face and peace in his eyes.

The Tear fell through my eye,

It was acid, I know, it burned my cheek.

As I rise my hand to soothe my skin,

Said my heart “Wait! There’s more of it.”


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