Let’s stop sexism!

All these Sexist Women’s Day posts all around! Women calling women as special. Men calling women as special. Why can’t people start accepting each other as a human being foremost and as all? All the attention seeking people go and wish their mother/sister/wife/daughter as a speciality on one day. What about the fact that they should be treated with love and respect every single day, all the time? And so does one’s father/brother/husband/son.
Why can’t we evolve as humans to understand that by celebrating a day like an International Women’s Day, we are acknowledging the bitter truth of this age, and the past, that male and female are different( and I don’t mean anatomically). How are they different? They both eat, sleep, work. have the same feelings, go through puberty, make friends, get ditched, get hurt, get raped, get murdered, face sexism, face racism and so much more. Except for the one fact that one bleeds every month? That’s all?
I know there are, even in today’s time, places all around the world where women are suppressed, they don’t have education, they get married young, they are never given an option to live as per their wishes. I am not saying that one should ignore this atrocity. All I am saying is we, the present human population on this earth, and especially the ones lucky to have received some education need to stop being a sexist. Look at one another as another human. Appreciate a sister like you would a brother and appreciate a father like you would a mother. Look at your child as a child first, not just as a son or a daughter. If we want to celebrate women’s or men’s day then first celebrate an International Human’s Day, where one can celebrate being a human, having a life, having the ability to live it.
Let’s celebrate an International Human’s Day when one chooses not to hurt another human, not to beat up another person or abuse another person or demoralise or demotivate another person, not to look down on another or speak badly to another but, if you can, only and only to support and appreciate another person. When you can accept for that one day, or at least just one moment in that day, that you are not rich or poor, a Hindu or a Muslim, a girl or a boy, an employee or a boss, an illiterate or a literate, from whatever man-made nation you are from, you are, but only, just another human being and currently there are billions of them in this whole world. So you are not that special. You are neither SPECIAL for being a girl or a boy. But you are special to the ones you love and who love you, you are special for what work you do, for what you give back to mother nature and to this world, for what positive thoughts and feedback you convey to others. Reflect on yourself, in your heart and if you think you have done at least some good in this world, then call yourself Special. You are only special if you think you are. So, what do you think?

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